Mgemane Security is a highly visible force working together with other private security companies and the SAPS to combat crime, deter loiterers around business premises, discourage unauthorized street trading, as well as bringing an end to illegal parking and dumping. We use motor vehicles recognizably marked with the Mgemane Security Logo. This fleet of vehicles can be seen patrolling the area constantly

Prior to us taking on any new contract we prefer to do a Risk Assessment and discuss possible risk concerns with the client. Thereafter a proper Standing Operating procedure is drawn up in conjunction with the client to ensure that both parties are familiar with what the requirements and expectations of the security officer would be. This will enable us to ensure that proper training is provided before the services starts and that the right person is placed at the client's premises to perform the tasks at hand. Our operational office is situated in Soweto , we have access to be in contact with all officers and also with the SAPS, Law Enforcement and Fire Department.
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